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vardaxoglou christening stories

A fabulous island christening that lets you get lost in the pictures. Four unforgettable days among friends in beautiful Patmos. The last time I found myself on this Aegean island was 10 years ago on holiday in August. In September this year was a completely different island. Noise gave its place to calmness. The monastery of the Apocalypse welcomed little Vasiliky and gave her gods blessing. Lunch next to the tranquil sea was excellent. Photographing in Chora on the last day before we left will be unforgettable. Yianni & Katerina thank you for including me in this wonderful group of people and I wish you all the happines with these beautiful little creatures.

Another rainy Saturday morning, as the ones we are used to ,the last few summers. You start the day not in the best mood. You arrive at the church to find people smiling and little Leda with her sweetness and her smile looking at you with these wonderful eyes. It's like telling you, do not care about the rain, I'll give you the pictures you're asking for. Dimitri & Daphne I wish Leda grows up healthy always beautiful and smiling.

Our little model. With smile, sauciness... everything. What is it that makes a christening photo shoot special? Cheerfulness, calmness , emotion, anxiety? Certainly, parents have their own share in all of this. Panagioti & Loukia thank you for everything. It will definitely be a day that will stay with me.

Our little one was baptized in the church of St. Demetrios in Avlida Beach. She gave us lots of smiles but was also serious at times .... The reception was held  in a cozy place  , Domaine Calypso in Vlora, which was perfect in every detail. Lambro and Vicky thank you for your trust and I wish you every happiness with your little girl.

The baptism was in one of the most beautiful parts of Greece ,Stemnitsa in Arcadia. Unfortunately the weather was not friendly to us ... it rained constantly so we didn't take an external picture. Very sad ... So we decided to have another photo shoot
in Athens ,where I think everything went perfectly. Dino and Vivi thank you for your patience, while for your two sweethearts I don't know what to say ... I allways wish for such cooperative children.

The awesome twins live in England but their baptism was at Magic Garden Estate in Rafina. Their old sister , Myrto, always has close supervision. The hospitable space of the estate and the presence of the little pony made the atmosphere particularly friendly and our little friends had a delightful afternoon. The ceremony in the small chapel of the estate gave us beautiful moments and lots of emotions. Niko and Angeliki thank you for the love and the trust to photograph your happy moments.

Our year began in Akrata. I have no words to say about this incredible kid. Always smiling, tireless and patient at the time of baptism. Fotis & Ilia I wish little Christo all the best and that you will always be proud of him.

In September 2016 I had a fairytale wedding in Aegina. Kostas and Katerina were keeping a secret that day ... The months passed, the secret was born, grew up and there I was again, with them, for his christening. Little Spiros greeted us in his room, showed us his toys and gave us generous smiles. Kosta and Katerina thank you for your trust and I wish to all three of you every joy and happiness.

This little baby girl has a way to dazzle you. Her expressions are constantly changing.
She manages at her first glance to make you smile, to be surprised by her reactions. My dearest  Katerina I had an unforgettable time at your christening.
George and Mary I wish you will always be harry and proud of your little girl!!!

A beautiful Sunday ... two smiling parents .... and godparents as well.
Antony's big eyes are very captivate. They make you want to photograph his every move, his every reaction.
Little  one ...thank you for the pictures you generously gave me ...