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Street photo - Yiannis Vardaxoglou - Photography

The city of Lights. A place of contradiction and confrontation. The city of museums, existential cafes that are meeting points for intellectuals, artists, actors, poets, and clochards. The city of "ours" Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Vivian Maier and so many others , who will forever be sources of inspiration . Five days full of pictures. All the cities of the world can be seen through your own eyes. As a photographer, the city's image resembles your own suggestion ... Here are some pictures of my wandering.

I love my city. I was born and raised in Athens. I often go downtown in my spare time, I smell its scents , I look for the simple people , the happy people , the people that struggle to survive, my mind travels ... I am a little part of it.

Prague has always been a dream for mine. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I saw it through my camera lens. Wherever I looked were pictures. We only stayed for four days but the memories are much more and always alive!

A self-governed part of Greece. Ideal place for tranquility, thought, meditation. The figures of the monks at night walking for ecclesiastics remind us of pictures from other times. In such lighting conditions, the advanced technology of our cameras can not go along . You leave it and you only follow your thoughts.