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vardaxoglou wedding christening street photos blog

After a difficult winter due to covid, after cancellations and postponements, it was like starting from the beginning. To replace uncertainty and sadness came optimism and smile. Opposite my lens where two friends, Niko and Stella ,in a great mood for their new beginning. Together with several good friends and in the hospitable space of the Varibobi Club, they began their common path. A beautiful wedding, two wonderful families and a couple that gave beautiful pictures. From the bottom of my heart I wish all your dreams come true.

I thank photo business magazine for the honor to include me in its wedding photography tribute issue in Greece.

A fabulous island christening that lets you get lost in the pictures. Four unforgettable days among friends in beautiful Patmos. The last time I found myself on this Aegean island was 10 years ago on holiday in August. In September this year was a completely different island. Noise gave its place to calmness. The monastery of the Apocalypse welcomed little Vasiliky and gave her gods blessing. Lunch next to the tranquil sea was excellent. Photographing in Chora on the last day before we left will be unforgettable. Yianni & Katerina thank you for including me in this wonderful group of people and I wish you all the happines with these beautiful little creatures.

A beautiful wedding that lets you get lost in its pictures. A couple eager to follow our photographic concerns ... Stelio and Constantina thank you for your patience, but it was worth the effort. I wish that you will be always happy in your new life.

A couple you can't  forget. The expressions on Niky's face are constantly changing. The calmness  becomes smile, laughter, emotion, singing. George does not miss an opportunity to show her his  love and appreciation.
The ceremony was at the church of Agios Nikolaos in Anavissos and the party at Mojito Bay. I appreciate the trust you showed in me from the first moment we met and I thank you for the beautiful pictures you gave me.

Another rainy Saturday morning, as the ones we are used to ,the last few summers. You start the day not in the best mood. You arrive at the church to find people smiling and little Leda with her sweetness and her smile looking at you with these wonderful eyes. It's like telling you, do not care about the rain, I'll give you the pictures you're asking for. Dimitri & Daphne I wish Leda grows up healthy always beautiful and smiling.

A romantic wedding that fills you with admiration. Simple people in love. People who live for each other. Few people, by choice, and real wishes. The ceremony was held in the hospitable area of ​​"The Residence". Dimitris, when the clock showed midnight, surprised his beloved by bringing the cake for her 32nd birthday. I am very happy that I was there at the best day of your life and I wish that your life will be filled with smile, because you really deserve it.

This little baby girl has a way to dazzle you. Her expressions are constantly changing.
She manages at her first glance to make you smile, to be surprised by her reactions. My dearest  Katerina I had an unforgettable time at your christening.
George and Mary I wish you will always be harry and proud of your little girl!!!

A beautiful traditional wedding in Pyrgos. The ceremony was held  in the small picturesque church of the Holy Apostles in Leventohori. 
A couple that immediately won you over  with its kindness and simplicity. Christo's  look on Georgia gave us a good picture of the future .... of their everlasting happiness.
I wish all your dreams come true!

A beautiful wedding ,designed to the last detail. George, with the humor that characterizes him and Elina with her sweet smile, made that warm evening of September even more wonderful.
The party was held in the welcoming place of Varkiza Resort where the couple came in a small boat by the sea. I wish that smile stays for ever on your lips!