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The art of photography is not just the depiction of the scene but rather the rendering of the sentiment it invokes. What gives the other dimension in the portrayal of the subject and makes the difference has to do with the style, the sensitivities, and perception of the photographer.Through the photographer’s eye, the world appears in accordance with his view.
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After a course of many years and many kinds of photography (industrial sites, still life, etc.) I ended up with wedding and christening photography. I am substantially influenced by street photography and routinely I incorporate such elements in my picture taking. I don’t like to interfere with the scene except on rare occasions when I already have imagined a scene and want to depict it. I am a member of several international organizations such as Ispwp, Swpp, Wppi, Pws, Elite Wedding Photographers as well as of the “Papillon” Union of Wedding Photographers and Camera Men of Greece.