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Wedding photography

I approach wedding photography with a unique focus on the day: whether it's the morning peak fever of the preparation, the afternoon tranquility of the ceremony or the evening fun of the reception party, at the click of my camera I capture your special, precious moments as they happen. I focus on your emotions, the excitement, the happiness, the laughter, the joy you share with your family and friends on your special day. I create the visual story the way you want to remember and speak about it for years on.

If you would like to discuss your ideas and plans why don't you give me a call or visit my studio? We offer a range of services including bespoke photo shoots at a location of your choice before or after your wedding day, a bespoke wedding wish book for your guests or a beautiful high quality digital print photo album with pictures of your choice.

Our prices start from €1.200 and go up to €1.800.


Christening photography

At the christening the photoshoot starts in the baby's room. The reason is that in its space, with its toys, it is  calm and restful. Afterwords  comes  the church and of course  the party, if there is one.

Of course, very important element is  the album, that is of great value to the parents, but it gets even bigger when the baby becomes an adult.

The cost for these services ranges between €700 and €950


Baptism wedding