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vardaxoglou wedding christening street photos blog

A beautiful wedding that lets you get lost in its pictures. A couple eager to follow our photographic concerns ... Stelio and Constantina thank you for your patience, but it was worth the effort. I wish that you will be always happy in your new life.

Another rainy Saturday morning, as the ones we are used to ,the last few summers. You start the day not in the best mood. You arrive at the church to find people smiling and little Leda with her sweetness and her smile looking at you with these wonderful eyes. It's like telling you, do not care about the rain, I'll give you the pictures you're asking for. Dimitri & Daphne I wish Leda grows up healthy always beautiful and smiling.

A magnificent traditional wedding with several elements from Pontos. A smiling couple, a company that really made you have a wonderful night.
Leonida and Maria I wish your whole life is full of dancing and laughter.

The christening of little Photini took place in the historical church of St. Nicholas Ragava in Plaka. The little one gave us generously her smiles and expressions.
Wonderful moments with beautiful people in traditional, historical places. Yianni & Maria I appreciate very much being next to you in your joy.

Our little model. With smile, sauciness... everything. What is it that makes a christening photo shoot special? Cheerfulness, calmness , emotion, anxiety? Certainly, parents have their own share in all of this. Panagioti & Loukia thank you for everything. It will definitely be a day that will stay with me.

In September 2016 I had a fairytale wedding in Aegina. Kostas and Katerina were keeping a secret that day ... The months passed, the secret was born, grew up and there I was again, with them, for his christening. Little Spiros greeted us in his room, showed us his toys and gave us generous smiles. Kosta and Katerina thank you for your trust and I wish to all three of you every joy and happiness.

It was a wedding you don't forget ....  that everywhere I looked there was a beautiful picture. A couple that at the end of the night ... almost dawn ....  you wonder if you can  let them go and go rest for the next day. A wonderful party that everyone danced and had a great time . Gregory & Margarita thank you for everything and I wish that you will always be next to each other.

A beautiful christening at Agios Konstantinos in Nea Makri. With Spiros and one of my beloved families we started our 2018 season.
The little man in a very good mood and under the protective gaze of his sister Julia, laughed ,cried, did everything.
George & Vanessa thank you for letting me be beside your at your beautiful moments.

I love my city. I was born and raised in Athens. I often go downtown in my spare time, I smell its scents , I look for the simple people , the happy people , the people that struggle to survive, my mind travels ... I am a little part of it.

A couple you can't  forget. The expressions on Niky's face are constantly changing. The calmness  becomes smile, laughter, emotion, singing. George does not miss an opportunity to show her his  love and appreciation.
The ceremony was at the church of Agios Nikolaos in Anavissos and the party at Mojito Bay. I appreciate the trust you showed in me from the first moment we met and I thank you for the beautiful pictures you gave me.